Product Pick: Martha Stewart Smooth Finish Binder

Product Pick: Martha Stewart Smooth Finish Binder
16 Jul 2013
  • Binders can be a great way to organize the paper in your life. They’re especially great for stuff you need to reference fairly frequently. But let’s face it, there are binders and then there are binders. And there is definitely something to picking aesthetically pleasing organizing products. Not only does it make your space look better, but it also has a way of encouraging you to keep up your organizing systems. When it comes to organizing, form and function make a great team! Which brings me to our…
  • Pick of the Week: Martha Stewart Home Office™ with Avery™Smooth-Finish Binder 1″One-Touch EZD™Ring
  • Quite a name for a binder, which you can find at Staples, but the name actually does highlight some of its benefits. Made functional by office experts Avery and made lovely by Martha Stewart, this binder is sturdy, highly functional, and definitely lovely. I use one to organize my recipes and it sits on display on my kitchen shelves. The smooth finish is durable, even in the kitchen – I’ve wiped off some cooking debris several times. It is very easy to open and sits completely flat. And that EZD Ring thing – it is really one touch and very easy. So if you need to move items in and out frequently, you will not go crazy or pinch your fingers. I also added a Martha Stewart adhesive bookplate for an extra special label. Sometimes it’s the little things in life :)
  • So if you’re looking to makeover your paper collection, definitely consider form and function if you want long-term success. A great binder can go a long way toward cleaning up your piles!

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Sarah Buckwalter