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We have been helping our clients achieve their organizing goals for over 19 years.

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Yelp Review

Lisa was such a professional. Not only did she help me organize my cluttered basement, she gave me ideas for storage that saved me money! I am looking forward to hiring her again.

Testimonial Kathleen

I was very, very pleased with Sarah’s work. She’s bright and extremely pleasant and perceptive. She assisted us in packing, organizing and moving my department during an enormously stressful time. We were able to move smoothly without a hitch and never lost a thing. Plus all my staff enjoyed Sarah as a person. I would highly recommend her.

Testimonial J. Proctor
J. Proctor
Boston Museum of Science

I was in a very stressful move situation with two small children and Kate and Ruby were nothing short of amazing! In fact, the best money I have ever spent. I have so many ideas and plans for when I will be calling them next to help me maintain my home.

Testimonial Jessica

Yelp Review
Hoarding runs in my family.  I also live down the street from the mall, so instead of doing laundry, some weekends I just buy new clothes to go out in.  I’ve also lived in the same apartment for 10 years, so no opportunity to purge when moving house.  I have literally filled up every storage space then covered the floors with clothes and junk.

I have 4 closets between my two bedrooms and yet still there is not enough room for all my clothes and other nonsense.

Enter Organizing Boston.

After installing new Elfa closet systems and explaining to me why I don’ t need every t-shirt I wore in college or 2 dressers full of socks (yes, not kidding. 8 sock drawers!)  We filtered out the giant pile of clothes for donations in one of the photos (over $550 value on Goodwill est. for my taxes!)  and now every item of clothing, shoe, and even my hats have dedicated space.  I even have EXTRA space.

We didn’t need the new closet systems, but man it makes a HUGE difference.  Highly recommended!!!

I wouldn’t/haven’t ever done it on my own.  It’s well worth the modest investment to have Organizing Boston help you.  They really make sense and talk you out of random crap that has been lying around for years.  It truly is an investment in your own well being.

In just 3 weeks, my habits have changed dramatically regarding what I do with my stuff when I’m done with it.  I could go from -cleaning lady just left- to tornado hit in about 10 minutes, before.  Mostly because if I put something away, it meant shoving it in a random free space or leaving it near the closet.  That is not really possible anymore and that feels good.  I can’t make a mess, so I don’t have to pick up after myself.  Win Win.

My cleaning lady of 7 years came by on Monday and I showed her everything.  She was so proud of me.  I admitted to having help, but she still gave me a hug and said how great it will be to have space to put things away.

Thanks Organizing Boston!  I’m definitely feeling good  about my living space for 2013.

(I can’t figure out how to post photos, but I’m sure O.B. will post them on the website. I’m a before/after poster child!)

Testimonial Emily

Yelp Review
My organizer Lisa Blake was amazing. In just two 3 hour sessions she completely changed my life! She was like a whirlwind helping me sort items to donate, throw away, recycle, and keep neatly boxed. She made clutter disappear.
For years I resisted hiring a professional organizer, but I am so happy I finally did.
Thank you Lisa!

Testimonial Amy
Newton Centre

I can’t say enough about how incredible Lisa was these past few days. I’m astonished by how hard-working, efficient,  easy to be around, and kind she has been. As you know, I had some trepidation about working with another person on such a personal project…now I’m looking for other stuff for her to do! Thank you, thank you, thank you! She’s a true asset to your lovely organization!

Testimonial Jessica

Yelp Review
Ann Jewell helped me for 9 months intermittently get my home decluttered and ready for a move out. And I had been in that house for 20 years. Many many trips to donation, calls for junk removal then on to estimates for moving and storage, Ann went above the call of duty and helped clean out the fridge a few days before closing so I could go have my surgery. I couldn’t have done it without her!

Testimonial Trish

I always say ‘when there is order in my house there is order in my soul’…Sarah Buckwalter at Organizing Boston can create order where there was once only clutter. She transformed my kitchen into a calm oasis simply by ordering my drawers, cabinets, and pantry. Ahhhhh….calm prevails. Give yourself the gift of working with Sarah.

Testimonial Mimi Doe
Mimi Doe
best-selling author of Busy but Balanced (St. Martin’s Press) and founder of

Yelp Review
I hesitate to commit to the internet just how badly my pantry and kitchen needed reorganizing around the time of my last birthday.  I asked for a gift certificate for a professional organizer to come and help me as a birthday present, and the person who got it for me chose this company after reviewing several companies’ websites.  I couldn’t have been more pleased.  My organizer, Sarah, went above and beyond the call of duty, even staying a bit longer than the certificate just to be able to finish the task we were doing at the time the hours ran out.  Since then I’ve twice hired her myself to help with tasks – first with helping to tame the clutter when the house I was renting was put up for sale, and second to help with sorting and readying to move after the house sold.  Both times she again was very helpful and quite sensitive both to my physical limitations and to my feelings/my situation at the time/etc.  I would not hesitate to recommend Organizing Boston to anyone who needs help with clutter, reorganizing, getting ready to move, or similar projects.  They do both home and office projects, little or larger, one-time or regular maintenance.

Testimonial Liz

You are so calm, cool, and collected. Your nurturing, gentle approach and your forward thinking on behalf of your clients helped me to completely change my life. I don’t miss any of the stuff.

Testimonial Carol

Yelp Review
Organizing Boston by far is the best in Boston and everywhere!   Sarah was amazing to work with. She listened to my organizational needs  and made sure she sent over one of her organizers that was a perfect match! My house looks great and I am still staying organized and I love it!  The organizer was understanding and did not pressure me to throw out what I was unsure of.  We had full positive conversation and accomplished a lot!  I am going to have her back to help me with my basement! The organizers will help you pick out what you need for organizing and give you suggestions.  The great part of the whole experience is that the organizer and I were a team!  I highly recommend Organizing Boston!   Check it out!!

Testimonial Julie

Thank you for the effort, time and thought you have put into helping us purge, move and get organized. Plus you are a lot of fun to hang out with! After all the pain and stress I have been through with my separation and divorce, to have a new home and life, is a blessing. Thank you. I could not have done this without you.

Testimonial Renee

Pam did a great job organizing us, and she and Kate also did a great job with the packing and unpacking on the day of the move and the several days before that.

Testimonial John

Google Review
My husband is a paper hoarder. Like most couples, I can’t go through his papers without an argument about what to keep and what to throw away. But with Organizing Boston’s help, he was able to get through it and have a much more organized (and extremely smaller!!) paper hoard.

Testimonial Jessica

Yelp Review
They sent Amanda, who did a truly fantastic job. She was a total perfectionist, made everything look amazing, and worked incredibly hard for two days straight. She was also an absolute pleasure to work with. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Testimonial DF

Sarah, can I tell you what a Godsend you and your company and Kate have been to our family?  Kate is a miracle worker, and we are grateful for her help and your company to bring her to us.  Kate comes into our home, and where there is chaos, she calmly and methodically creates order and calmness – every time.  We still have a way to go for our whole home to be as nice as the areas she has already addressed, but we are hopeful that with Kate’s help, we will get there.  A thousand thank yous to you and Kate!

Testimonial Karen

Pam Ahearn did a GREAT job!  She completely organized our basement, which had become totally overgrown, and also helped to store my son’s Legos, among other household projects.  She took the initiative and was creative and easy to work with.  She was truly terrific!  I’ve used Organizing Boston in the past and would recommend Pam Ahearn and Kate Altieri in a heartbeat.

Testimonial Amy

Angel is a life saver! We are moving again in a year so we will be a repeat customer. She is so organized and friendly and helpful. I cannot say enough great things about our experience! Thank you so much.

Testimonial Christi

The house feels like home thanks to you and your mighty team of efficient organizers.

Testimonial Miyoko

You did a fantastic job. We had a strong open house. Today, I had buyers come by who had seen the other condo for sale in the association and said this one looked much better. Yeah!

Testimonial Susanna
Realtor – Newton

I can’t tell you how Kate changed my life! I am a new person. She not only got me on track organizing my life, but gave me tips/tools for the future. I have a feeling I may need her to help me stay on track with my beautiful, organized life.

Testimonial Cissy
Chestnut Hill

Wanted to let you know you were excellent, professional, extremely helpful and accommodating!

Testimonial Joan
Jamaica Plain

I’m really enjoying this process. Everyone has been extremely accommodating regarding my injury. And they all have just the right sense of when they should help with a decision and when they shouldn’t. They also seem enjoy the sentimental photos, things, and stories that I share with them. It would be a very lonely and tedious project without them.

Testimonial Mary

I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the support Kate has provided me.  Her organizing help has been invaluable, both at our primary residence and our work space/loft.  She is able to assess a situation so clearly, and then get to work to address the immediate need as well create order that can be maintained. She is so productive, creative and efficient, and she’s also delightful to work with. Such a good experience for me all

Testimonial Stephanie

Yelp Review
I had the pleasure of working with Erin for about 4 hours on a Saturday.  All I can say is: she changed my house and my life! Kind and to the point, Erin asked a few simple questions and then get right to work with me. Near the end, I got tired and more emotionally attached to things I NEVER thought I was connected to. But Erin got me right through the process. By the end of our time together, she’d made wonderful changes and suggestions to re-think my home storage and home office needs. I HIGHLY recommend this company!
Also: I did use one of the Yelp deals to lower the price slightly and it helped!

Testimonial GY

I am just thoroughly thrilled at how wonderful my basement has turned out-I am so thankful to you- the two gals were so professional and thoughtful. There is a permanent smile on my face.  Again I can’t thank you enough.

Testimonial Marla

This is great, Sarah. I really appreciate, and am positively stunned by, how fast and effectively you work! 

Testimonial Claudia

Of all the money I am spending on this move, the money I am spending on you is the most valuable.

Testimonial Jennifer

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all your help this week – I really appreciate your willingness to coordinate everything with such short notice. You did a great job!!!

Testimonial Alex

Google Review
I hired Organizing Boston to help my mom with unpacking and organizing her new apartment. It was a big move and would have been very stressful if not for the help of Organizing Boston. They sent a professional organizer who was very knowledgeable, kind and extremely helpful. After 2 days, every box was unpacked and items were put away. What a great service! I highly recommend Organizing Boston.

Testimonial Rachel

Kate was the best and we are thrilled with our new organization systems she put in place for us.  It has made the world of difference for us.

Testimonial Michelle

Wow, you are a staging genius! The place look huge and I can’t believe how nice the spare room looks.  I didn’t even know it had a window.

Testimonial Susan
Beacon Hill

I just wanted to let you know that your organizers are absolutely top notch.  They were so helpful in our move prep and move!  We couldn’t have done it without them, especially so fast.  I truly appreciate your service- THANK YOU!! :-)

Testimonial Lisa

Yelp Review
I hired Organizing Boston through Groupon to help us de-clutter our home and it was an excellent experience. Mackenzie showed up right on time and went straight to work.  I needed someone who wouldn’t get distracted by the multiple projects and she was great about staying very focused and finishing each task, and she even took some trash and recycling with her when she left so I didn’t have to!  Like the other reviewer, Mackenzie stayed until she got the task done and didn’t charge me for going over our allotted time.  She also made sure to ask if we had addressed all of my goals for the day so that she could make sure I was happy.  I will definitely hire Organizing Boston again for my next home project, and I recommend them to others who need a helping hand with cleaning up their home, downsizing or just improving their space.

Testimonial Elizabeth

Thank you so much for working with me yesterday.  Your assistance & suggestions were tremendously helpful in getting me back on track!!!  The projects & zones are simply brilliant ideas.  What a wonderful service you folks offer!

Testimonial Karen

Angel was really great; she did a fantastic job on the kitchen.  I could not have done it without her. You are lucky to have her on your team.

Testimonial Ann

Yelp Review
Organizing Boston services was a wedding gift.  At first I was pretty skeptical why did we need them?  We were moving to kentucky.  We could pack our own stuff.  In hindsight we couldn’t pack like them.  We had acquired so much junk!!  Not only did it make a huge difference when we had to unpack it saved us money on the moving expenses!!  Since then we moved again and I wish Organizing Boston was everywhere!!! The packers piled everything in boxes with no rhyme or reason.  2 yrs later we still can’t find our stuff!  Highly recommended.

Testimonial Tim

It was a wonderful experience working with you. I don’t know how I would have managed alone.  I feel that I am in pretty good order and will start to enjoy the holidays.

Testimonial Cheryl

It looks like a dream come true!

Testimonial Shannon

Yelp Review
I am happy to update my review because of extenuating circumstances in which Sarah, the owner , made good to me… multifold. I have had clutter issues and associated despair for years over my spare bedroom. Kate began working tirelessly with me, and after a half an hour, I began to feel that it is possible to get control over a previously hopeless situation. I could not have done this alone and I picked the right team to help me.  Organizing Boston “taught me how to fish” I have the skills, attitude and vision now for a home which greets me with open clutter free spaces.

Testimonial Lance

Thank heavens for you!! They cleared out my entire basement also and I was able to carpet it. They were amazing. THANKS!

Testimonial Lauren

Thanks so much. You did an amazing job as usual and saved me many hours. Actually, I would have left all the moving boxes in my office until I couldn’t stand it anymore!! : )

Testimonial Renee

Thank you. I don’t know what I would do without you!

Testimonial Tina
Back Bay

Hi Sarah, I just wanted to say how appreciative we were of Kate’s services. She was professional and compassionate to my sister. What a difference! I would recommend Kate any day.

Testimonial Susan

Sarah, I love you!!! My basement looks wonderful! Thank you.

Testimonial Nancy

Google Review
My organizer, Leslie, provided more than I ever imagined in terms of transforming my crowded home into a neat and well-thought out series of organized spaces. We began with her really listening to me in what my priorities were and my likes/dislikes. We worked over a series of visits on each room. She had an excellent sense of when to push me a bit to donate/discard things I hadn’t used in years and when to agree to keep things for less than rational reasons.

She was able to tackle big rooms in suggesting new furniture and bookcases to house my art glass collection down to finding ways to store my bathroom items in under-the-sink shelving that fit perfectly. I appreciated that she would suggest several options and send links so I could look at various shelves or cabinets and pick one I liked, rather than forcing one item on me as the only answer. I was able to time buying new things/delivery with her visits so we could maximize our time together in making decisions and reorganizing. I often stood back and let her put things together in ways I never thought possible.

In the end, I have a home with lots of empty spaces and tasteful ways of storing my things, be it visible shelves, or in the basement. Leslie has an experienced and excellent eye for what will fit in a given space to achieve a certain goal and brought organizers each visit to try out. I really enjoyed working with Leslie, she has an upbeat can-do personality who really loves bringing order and happiness into client’s lives.

Testimonial Gretchen