Two Lists to Help You Get Started

Two Lists to Help You Get Started
24 Jul 2013
  • I love a good list. They help keep you on track when your brain can’t possibly be expected to do so. For me, this is especially true when I’m feeling overwhelmed with how much there is to do. Today, I came across two great lists from one of my favorite blogs,
  • The first list offers 10 suggestions on where to get started when facing multiple or large organizing projects. This is such a common question when it comes to organizing, especially when you feel like your whole house is a train wreck. I often suggest starting small for a quick victory or starting with the area that bothers you the most, for obvious reasons, which are two of the ideas on the list. But I love that they offered up 10 places to start – a little something for everyone and every situation!
  • The second list addresses another common organizing obstacle – motivation, or lack thereof. It gives 10 great ideas for things to do when you’re having trouble getting motivated to do anything. Sometimes a little momentum can go a long way. And just like the ‘where to start’ list – this one has options for everyone. I often employ the tactics of starting small and using a timer, combined with the mantra – ‘You can do anything for 15 minutes.’ (Thanks to Gretchen Rubin for that one.) But check it out for yourself – I bet you can find something to help motivate you out of that mid-week slump!

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Sarah Buckwalter