Product Pick: The Clear Shoe Box

The Container Store's Shoe Box
30 Jul 2013
  • If you asked me what single organizing solution I use more of than anything else in my home, I’d easily be able to tell you it’s a simple clear shoe box. Yup, that’s it – not that exciting but oh-so-useful. This simple, versatile product pick can help you contain just about any small item you can think of.
  • Product Pick: The Clear Shoe Box
  • My particular favorite is The Container Store’s “Our Shoe Box” – it is a great size, good quality and good value. And you can buy it by the case, which I finally did after buying them in small amounts here and there for years. The key here to remember is that, despite the name, this little power house of a box isn’t just for shoes! In fact, I don’t think I have any shoes stored in them at home (though they are great if you love to store your shoes in boxes). Here’s a partial list of what these boxes are great for other than shoes:
  • toiletries
  • first aid and medicine
  • hair/make-up/nail care supplies
  • art supplies
  • school supplies
  • small toys and games
  • office supplies
  • travel toiletries and essentials
  • small tools and hardware
  • When used with a lid, they stack nicely, which can do wonders for linen closets, under-sink cabinets, larger shelves and other notoriously hard to organize spaces. They can also make great drawer, cabinet or fridge dividers without the lid. While I don’t recommend keeping too much extra of anything around, these are one item that can be useful to have on hand when you find a new little mess that needs a home.
The Container Store's Shoe Box

The Container Store’s Shoe Box

Sarah Buckwalter