Product Pick: Name Bubbles

Product Pick: Name Bubbles
09 Oct 2013

It’s been a little while since we’ve done a product pick. I don’t know about you, but I just love when something simple makes household organizing just a little bit easier. If you have kids then, you’ve probably been faced with the task of labeling their stuff, from clothes, to backpacks to water bottles and more. This is not only required by many day care centers and schools, but also a good idea to avoid confusion and losing things. While not a particularly tough task, some methods work better than others. My mom religiously used iron-on labels back in the day for me, but that’s a bit tedious and doesn’t help with sippy cups and snack containers. And anyone who’s ever tried writing on clothing tags with a Sharpie or pen knows that it’s annoying and ends up looking like you have the hand-writing of a 5 year old. I’ve also used vinyl address-sized labels ordered from Etsy for sippy cups and tupperware, but they’re big, impossible to apply flat on a curved surface (which means they come off eventually), and aren’t good for clothes. So enter my new solution…

Product Pick: Name Bubbles

Name Bubbles makes personalized labels for a wide variety of uses. They are cute, stylish and most importantly easy-to-use. I got the laminated Bitty Clothing Labels, which are billed as multi-purpose laundry and dishwasher-safe labels. So far, so good! They are small enough to easily fit on kids clothing tags, bottles, cups, containers and more. They are easy to apply and so far have stood up to the laundry and dishwasher as advertised. I am even thinking about getting some for myself! While the Bitty labels seems just fine for our needs, they do make lots of different clever options for a variety of labeling needs. So if you’re slacking about labeling your family’s stuff or don’t love the system you have, check out Name Bubbles – it took me less than 5 minutes to order and now I’m armed and ready anytime something needs a name!

Name Bubbles

Sarah Buckwalter

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