Home Office Makeover

Home Office Makeover
05 Mar 2015

Home Office Makeover

This cluttered space was in desperate need of a home office makeover! You might even say it seemed hopeless. But when it comes to organizing, no space or situation is hopeless! All you need is some time, effort and a plan.

To achieve this home office makeover, we dove in and tackled one bag, box and pile at a time. The first step in any organizing project is to sort like items together – so we sorted through all of it, tossing anything obvious that the owner didn’t need or want as we went. As we sorted and tossed the obvious junk, we created general categories for what remained – paperwork, memorabilia, office supplies, items to sell and return, and more. This strategy allows you to see what you have and makes the next round of decisions easier.

After you’ve sorted, the next step is to take a second pass at tossing what you don’t need, use or love. Paperwork can be tedious, but it is usually straightforward and you can really see your progress when you toss the recycling and trash and take care of any shredding.

After whittling down to just what was needed in this home office, we arranged the newly clear space to take advantage of the natural light and encourage collaboration since it’s a shared space. Appropriate containers and furniture were re-purposed or purchased to house all the necessary paperwork and office supplies. The drawers right next to the desk were used for the most frequently used supplies – think easy access – while the boxes on the bookshelves were used for less frequently used supplies. The space is now calm, clean and ready for work. And best of all, maintaining a clean, organized space is so much easier than transforming the original cluttered chaos!

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At Organizing U, we have a 5 step process to organize anything, which is easy to remember with the acronym STUFF – we’ve talked about the first 2 steps – Sort and Toss – to learn the rest, check out our downloadable e-Course, Manage Your Stuff™: Five Steps to Organize Anything. Follow these steps to realize your very own home office makeover!

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