Go Paperless with Neat Scanners

Go Paperless with Neat Scanners
20 Feb 2015

connect-right-610pxDo you dream of going paperless? Dream no more! With the right tools, going paperless can be [relatively] painless! So how do you get from piles to organized digital files? We recommend Neat scanners and organizing software. With three levels of scanners and super smart organizing software, Neat scanners can make your paper files and piles a distant memory. The downside? You might have to sell your filing cabinets on Craigslist! :)

Neat scanners are fast and easy to use – you can scan piles of receipts, business cards and papers in a flash. Once scanned, Neat automatically extracts key information from your papers, such as vendors and totals from receipts. The desktop software, which comes with all three levels of scanners, allows you to organize your receipts and papers into folders that make sense for you or your business. Neat Cloud service offers secure cloud storage, automatic syncing, and the ability to access your information anywhere from any device.

Neat also prides itself on being your one-stop solution for information storage – you can save and organize e-receipts, electronic invoices, and other digital documents. And because it’s highly searchable, you can find what you need quickly even if don’t have it all perfectly organized – you can’t say that about your filing cabinets and desktop piles!

Excited to go paperless but overwhelmed by a backlog of piles and files? Neat offers bulk scanning services for Premium and Business accounts to get you caught up quickly. If you’re doing it yourself, we recommend starting with your current paperwork and getting a system going for incoming information, then working on the backlog bit by bit. You may find you don’t need to scan all of your old paper anyway – check with your financial or legal adviser if you’re not sure.

Whether you run a business or a household, going paperless with Neat scanners are an effective and easy way to streamline your office and your workflow. What’s even better, Neat scanners are on sale! Happy scanning!

Sarah Buckwalter