When getting your home ready for sale, declutter first!

When getting your home ready for sale, declutter first!
12 Mar 2013

Decluttering your home not only organizes and simplifies your life, but it also adds value to your home.  Storage areas, closets, kitchen and bathroom cabinets will look larger and more attractive to a potential buyer when organized and decluttered. 

Here are some tips to help you get started. 

Identify problem areas

Closets, kitchens, and paper can be common problem areas in a home that need decluttering.  It can help to remove all items from the area and sort into piles.  Once you can see everything, it is easier to make decisions on what to keep, trash, donate, or give away.

Breaking areas down into small projects can help to keep from becoming overwhelmed

Depending on your time frame and available resources, it may be helpful to do small projects for a few hours at a time to make progress and not become overwhelmed.  Organizing Boston can help you create a plan to declutter your home and our organizers can complete the decluttering for you to prepare your home for sale. 

Manage clutter as it comes into you home

Once you have managed to declutter your home, it is important not to return to the habits that caused the cluttering in the first place.  Take the time to decide as items come into your home if they should stay and where they should go.  If items should not stay in your home, decide what should be done with them such as, donate, trash, give away, etc.  and remove them from your home in a timely manner.

Sarah Buckwalter