What is your “Why”?

What is your “Why”?
19 Jun 2014

So there’s no doubt about it – getting organized has reached ‘hot topic’ status in our culture. Pick up a magazine, turn on the TV or surf the web and it’s clear that simplifying and organizing are right up there with weight loss and stress reduction in terms of popularity. But just like any other major behavioral change, you have to want it in order to be successful – you have to know your ‘why’ and remind yourself of it when the changes feel hard. So as you take the next step in your organizing journey, whether you are just starting out or you’re facing your next project, take a moment to ask yourself why you want to get organized. How does being less-than-organized affect your life and what do you hope will change as you start getting more organized? Here’s a starter list of motivating reasons we can think of, but what’s your ‘why’?

Getting organized can help you…
reduce stress
save time
find what you need when you need it
avoid the over-buying cycle (or buying things you don’t need because you didn’t know you already had them)
enjoy what you have
achieve a goal, such as selling your home or hosting your family and friends
improve your relationships
just plain feel better!

Whether you can relate to one or all of these, or you have your own reasons, it can be helpful to remind yourself of what you’re working toward throughout the process.

Sarah Buckwalter