Warm Up Your Closet for Fall!

Warm Up Your Closet for Fall!
02 Oct 2017

Warm Up Your Closet for Fall!

With a few very chilly mornings under our belt here in Boston, it’s clear that Fall is upon us. And with that, comes the need for a seasonal closet review and mostly likely switch. Unless you own very little clothing or have a very large closet, you probably need to store off-season clothing in a less-accessible location – such as under the bed or in the basement or attic. So while we’re still holding on to some late summer weather, don’t forget to make time for your closet over the next couple of weeks. To get you primed, here’s a simple “how-to guide” to walk you through this switch.

1) Review your spring/summer clothing and take the time to weed out anything that either didn’t get worn this season or was worn so well it would not be worth storing and pulling out again next season. Have bags at the ready for donations and recycling. What do we mean by recycling? Many donation centers will accept stained or torn clothing and linens for recycling – check with your local donation centers or look on-line for local clothing recycling options.

2) Make sure the spring/summer items you want to keep and store are clean and dry before putting them away. One easy way to store these items is in labeled plastic bins. If you use the same bins for winter and summer off-season storage, you may need to set aside your items to store while you unpack the colder weather items from storage.

3) As you unpack and put away your Fall/Winter clothing, don’t assume that just because you stored it means you’re going to use it this season. Maybe your job or lifestyle has changed, maybe your weight or tastes have changed. Or maybe you put away something you had no intention of wearing again – it happens. Again, take the time to do a quick review before each item earns a place in your valuable closet real estate. Reviewing items for the upcoming season also gives you the chance to consign items that are in excellent condition but aren’t right for you.

4) As you’re putting the seasonal items in your closet and drawers, make sure there’s some order to it (i.e. all pants are hanging together, all layering tops are in the same drawer). If you set up a system that makes sense to you, it will be far easier to maintain. Another key to keeping a neat closet and drawers is having enough room – if you’re stuffing things in, you either need to eliminate less-than-favorite items and/or find more usable storage space.

5) Whatever you do – don’t go shopping before you’ve completed this seasonal switch and review! You will definitely unearth items you forgot you had. Shopping before you know what you have and need is a clear path to closet clutter and redundancy…not to mention wasted money and time.

Bottom Line: If you follow this process twice a year, you stand a good chance of keeping an organized closet. Routine weeding throughout the year, following the one-in-one-out rule, and being disciplined about putting your clothes away will keep you on the straight path to closet bliss. Wouldn’t you rather think about which of your favorite cozy sweaters to wear rather than diving through a pile of flip flops and beach towels hoping you find a pair of boots when the first snow falls?

Sarah Buckwalter