Tuesday Tip: Containing Toy Clutter

Small Tubtrugs from LandofNod.com
22 May 2012

Toy storage is one of those great organizational challenges that comes along with having kids! Since toys are meant to be played with, they are often out and about. The key to keeping your house from looking like total toy chaos is quick & easy clean-up. For your family’s designated play room or your kids’ rooms, shelves or cubbies with easy access (i.e. lightweight, open top) baskets or bins are the backbone to a good toy storage system. Adding picture labels can help make clean up an easy ‘all hands on deck’ task!

But as a parent of an almost toddler, I know that keeping toys in just one room isn’t necessarily practical, especially if you have little ones who need or want to stick close by. Keeping a small supply of toys in the rooms we spend the most time in (kitchen, living and bedroom) is key to keeping everyone happy and busy. But to keep these other rooms from being over-run with toys all day long, a quick clean-up strategy is a must for last minute guests or nightly tidying. What works in our house is a small basket or bin in each room for toys. You can’t get much simpler than that – it takes about 30 seconds to gather scattered toys and toss them in! Of course this works best for small items without lots of parts – more complicated toys are better-stored in your designated play areas.

Let us know what works for toys in your house and be sure to check out our new Toy Storage Board on Pinterestfor some great ideas!

Small Tubtrugs from LandofNod.com

Sarah Buckwalter