Time for that Seasonal Clothing Switch

Time for that Seasonal Clothing Switch
15 Nov 2012

Brrrr, it’s getting cold out there…and it’s only going to get colder! If you’re still digging through your shorts and t-shirts to find a sweater, it’s time for the seasonal clothing switch!

First, go through everything; closets and drawers. Are there bins in the attic? Use this time as an opportunity to assess and get rid of clothes that no longer fit or are past their fashion date. Yes, it’s time to let go of those big shoulder pads from 1986. Madonna got rid of hers a while ago.

Once you’ve purged your old clothes, look at how much room you have! If you’ve freed up enough closet space you can set aside a section of your closet for summer clothes. The same thing applies to your drawer space. If not, into bins and tucked away in storage they go.

Sarah Buckwalter