Stay at Home Organizing Tips – The Kitchen

Stay at Home Organizing Tips – The Kitchen
01 Apr 2020

Stay at Home Organizing Tips – The Kitchen

A kitchen is more than just a room. It’s the heart of your home, your command central, a place for family to gather and because of this, it can often become a dumping ground. Organizing the areas in your home with the highest traffic will relieve stress and create harmony. Here, we’ll give you the solutions you’ll need to get this important space organized.

Most of the time, the kitchen is one of the first rooms unpacked and put away when you first move in to your home. This is often done quickly without much thought in an effort to get settled right away. But just because you put it there on day one, doesn’t mean it was the best place for that item and doesn’t mean it needs to stay there. Step back and decide where it makes sense to store each category of items based on where and how you use it. Imagine you were a visitor in your own home – would you be able to find a glass for water, a fork and knife, a pot to cook with?? The time it takes to rearrange will save you time and frustration in the long run. You don’t have to know where everything will go before you start – organizing is like a puzzle – get some key pieces in place and the rest will start falling into place too.

These tips will help you create an organized kitchen.

Create Easy Access

  • Store frequently used products within easy reach.
  • Use Lazy Susans and pantry bins to make it easy to organize and access what you need.

Store Items By Use

  • Sort like-items together.
  • Store items close to where they’ll be used whenever possible to make getting things out and putting them away easy.

“File” Lids and Containers

  • Use lid or drawer organizers to keep containers and lids neatly standing up – especially true for plastics, which can easily become messy piles.

Maximize Your Space

  • Get creative – use wall space, backs of cabinet doors, shelf dividers, extra shelving and hooks to make the best use of your space.

Divide Drawers

  • Use drawer dividers so you don’t have to ‘dig’ every time you need something.

Display Decorative Items

  • What good are they buried in a cabinet, pantry or drawer?

Use Clear Bins and Label

  • This helps you and everyone else in your house maintain your system.

Clean Out Your Fridge

  • Toss any expired food
  • Rearrange the space by zone, so you know what you have
  • Put a shopping list on the fridge to easily jot down items you need
  • Use a marker to write the date you opened a container on the lid

Clear Off Your Counters

  • Counters should be used for food preparation and maybe a few items used daily (i.e. coffee maker).
  • Clear counters are easier to clean and easier to look at!

Short on time? Do a Quick Fix!

Our Quick Fix solutions are designed to help you whip your spaces into better shape in one short session. You may not get to tackle everything, but you will improve how each space functions and chances are you’ll build momentum to keep going and take it to the next level. Organizing is like a puzzle, sometimes just getting one or two pieces in place helps you see that whole picture more clearly.

Kitchen Quick Fix

  • Set your timer for 30 min
  • Clean out and organize your fridge
  • Weed out your plastic containers
  • Clean off your counters
  • Donate items not used in the last year

This will give your kitchen a quick re-set and make it easy for you to prepare meals and keep the kitchen clean.

Stay tuned for more Stay at Home Organizing Tips

Sarah Buckwalter