Set the Stage to Sell your Home

Set the Stage to Sell your Home
07 May 2015

Set the Stage to Sell your Home.


Home Organizing ServicesFact: A staged home sells faster than a non-staged home. If you want to sell your home faster and for more money, you’ll want to set the stage to sell your home.

Having a home that shows well gives you a huge advantage over homes that are cluttered and disorganized. Home staging allows the prospective buyer to see the opportunity within a home space.

By removing clutter, organizing and re-designing the space makes your home more buyer-friendly.

Here are eight things you need to do to set the stage to sell your home:

1. Clear Away the Clutter – Purge what you don’t need or use! Remove items from counter tops and surfaces.

2. Clean and Clean Again – Make sure your home shines from top to bottom, clean as if your mother-in-law were coming over!

3. Light It Up – Warm and welcoming lighting and increased wattage show off the rooms in their best light.

4. De-personalize your Personal Space – You want buyers to view it as their home, not yours.

5. Show Off Your Storage – The emptier the closet or other storage space, the bigger it will appear to home buyers.

6. Remove Odors Give your home an inviting aroma by burning vanilla-scented candles or throwing some slice-and-bake cookies in the oven. You can also grind half a lemon in the garbage disposal to remove sink odors.

7. Picture Perfect – It is important that your home photographs well, since realtors will take photos for listings. Listing photos require preparation to produce good results.

8. Final Touches – Before any open house or showing, make sure that your staging efforts go the full mile to make your home inviting. These include fresh flowers, letting fresh air into the house so it isn’t stuffy, and putting new, plush, nicely folded towels in the bathrooms.

Sarah Buckwalter