Spring essentials: Organizing the Home

Spring essentials:  Organizing the Home
22 Feb 2013

Watch Organizing Boston founder, Sarah Buckwalter, here on NECN delivering tips for Spring home organizing. 

Spring is just around the corner and with spring cleaning, comes spring organizing. Clean out those dusty closets, cabinets and drawers and start fresh and new.

Here are a few essentials items you’ll need for almost any organizing project.

  • Plastic Bags
    • The uses for these are unlimited. Keep screws, nuts, and bolts organized in snack-size bags. Corral small game pieces or toys in their box. When traveling, stash toiletries in quart-size bags.
  • Clear Plastic Bins
    • These stack nicely on a shelf and are great for storing anything. Plus, you can see what’s inside. Use them for toiletries, toys, office supplies, snacks…anything you can think of!
  • Drawer Organizers
    • Use these to organize anything in a drawer, from clothing to junk to jewelry. Remember to de-clutter and sort first. Sticking one of these in an overstuffed drawer is not going to do any good.
  • File Folders
    • With spring also comes tax season. Use these to keep your paperwork in check.
  • Label Maker
    • Don’t underestimate the importance of labeling, especially in a multi-person household. Label drawers, cabinets, closet shelves and containers, so everyone knows where things go.  
  • Donations Bag
    • Hang a tote bag in a central location or by the back door and let it serve as a collection bin for clothes, house wares, toys, and other items that you decide to give away. When the bag is full, simply grab the handles and take the contents to a local charity.

Sarah Buckwalter