Spring Clothing Swap

Spring Clothing Swap
12 Apr 2013

Spring is here! We can finally put away those bulky, itchy winter coats and sweaters and break out the sandals and shorts. Use this opportunity to clean out your closets and de-clutter your wardrobe.

The first step is to sort through everything. Get rid of anything you haven’t worn all season, anything that doesn’t fit or anything that is worn out. This goes for shoes and accessories as well as clothing. Don’t take up valuable storage space holding on to something you’re not going to wear again next year.

For seasonal clothing storage, use clear plastic bins and label them well. To keep suits and dresses from getting wrinkled, store them on a clothing rack in fabric bags. For long-term storage, make sure clothes can breathe. Wash the garments and store them in a breathable container, such as a rattan trunk or fabric case. Add cedar blocks to keep clothing-eating critters away.

To keep your closet organized, try one or all of these solutions: Use matching hangers to create a visually consistent look (Huggable Hangers help maximize hanging space). Organize clothing by type and/or color. Install a few hooks on an empty closet wall to hang belts, umbrellas and handbags. Pick up a clear, over-the-door shoe bag for small accessories such as hosiery, scarves and jewelry.

Don’t overstuff. Keep your closet and drawers 80% full, so you can see and access everything easily. To keep clutter at bay, live by the rule: one item in, one item out. Love what you own and only own what you love!

Sarah Buckwalter