Smart Packing Tips for Summer Travel

Smart Packing Tips for Summer Travel
22 May 2013
  • With the long weekend coming up, we thought we’d share some tips for packing smart (and light) for your summer trips.
  • Do your homework! Find out what will be available where you are staying – think hair dryer, beach towels, bath robes – bulky items that would be better to leave at home if you can.
  • Make a list. Keep a running list and jot down everything you’ll need for your trip – from clothes, to camera, to cell phone charger, etc. Even if you’re not a list person, there are so many little details involved in packing that a list will save you from forgetting something important.
  • Pack outside the bag. Lay out your clothing on your bed so you can easily see if you have the right amount before you pack it. This will help avoid throwing in extra random items that may not even go with what you have.
  • Slim down your toiletries. Bring only what you will really use and make sure you have travel-sized containers. If you don’t have mini versions of your favorites, The Container Store sells a variety of leak-proof travel bottles.
  • Follow these simple packing tips and you’ll be on your way to fun with friend and family in no time!

Sarah Buckwalter

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