Shoe Storage Solutions

Shoe Storage Solutions
25 Apr 2013

Use Vertical Space – Most people store their shoes on long, low shoe racks. This takes up valuable wall space. Instead, go vertical. Purchase a tall shoe storage cabinet, or use a tall bookcase with doors. Example: Shoe cabinet with 3 compartments or Bookcase with glass-door

Hang Them – Use shoe pockets or racks that attach to the back of a door. Example: 24 Pair Over The Door Shoe Rack

Hide them Under the Bed – Use glide-out racks to store shoes under the bed and out of the way. Example: Rolling Underbed Shoe Organizer

Put Some Away – Rotate shoes seasonally. Put your off-season shoes away in bins. One great solution is to use the ornament storage bins you can buy after the holidays. You can use the cardboard dividers inside (with a little re-working) to keep pairs of shoes separated, so they don’t damage or crush each other. Example: Iris Ornament Storage Box – Large

Store them Up High – Use the shelves above your hanging clothes in your closet. You can add modular shelves or cubbies to maximize space. Example: ClosetMaid 15-Cubby Shoe Organizer, White or ClosetMaid Horizontal Laminate Closet Organizer (these also work well for the floor of the closet, if you’d rather not reach).

Sarah Buckwalter