Product Pick: Huggable Hangers

Product Pick: Huggable Hangers
09 Jul 2013
  • When it comes to organizing, closets are always a hot topic. After all, we use this space several times a day, and a clean, organized closet is key to getting your day off to a good start. Given that, we wanted to share a product pick that will go a long way toward getting and keeping this space neat and tidy once and for all!
  • Pick of the Week: Huggable Hangers
  • First of all, uniform hangers are essential to make your closet visibly appealing…period. There may still be a use for a few specialized hangers, but a basic shirt hanger should be your staple. Why are Huggables so great?
  • Their slim design goes a long way toward stream-lining your closet compared to bulky counterparts.
  • Their velvety coating also helps everything stay ON the hanger. They are especially great for strappy summer dresses and tanks, but believe me, they keep everything in place. You have to get used to the cling factor, but in my opinion, the pros of this way out-weigh the cons.
  • They can handle women’s and men’s clothes of all sizes and shapes. I prefer to exclusively use the suit hangers (which have the cross bar) because they are the most versatile – I can use them for tops or bottoms.¬†They also make clips for skirts and pants.
  • Huggable Hangers are available in several colors from several major retailers, including The Container Store and Target. One word of caution – avoid the cheap knock-offs. I can personally attest that the cheapies are not as strong and I have also heard that their fuzz and color can come off on clothes.
  • So if you’re ready for a mini or major closet makeover, definitely be sure to include a hanger upgrade. You’ll thank yourself!


Huggable Hangers

Huggable Hangers in Platinum

Sarah Buckwalter