Preparing your Home for Spring Market!

Preparing your Home for Spring Market!
30 Mar 2022

Preparing your Home for Spring Market!

Are you thinking about listing your home for sale this Spring Market? Chances are you’re not alone, so getting ahead of the competition will help! Here are some fun and creative ways to make your HOME stand out this Spring!

Make Small Changes

De-cluttering and cleaning are the two most important things you can do to get your house ready for showings. And believe us, it makes a huge difference when a real estate agent shows your home to prospective buyers! Adding small touches to your home such as new bathroom towels, simple artwork, a well-placed bouquet of flowers or painting an accent color in a room can really liven up your home.  Many of these tips can also apply to making your home more enjoyable to live in even if you are not planning to sell it!

Warm It Up!

Everyone loves to walk into a space and feel cozy – right at HOME. Adding small warm touches throughout your home will help carry a feeling of warmth and comfort as interested buyers tour your home. Adding simple touches like cozy throws and decorative pillows to your sofa or a beautiful duvet cover in the master bedroom with pillows will create an warm and inviting space.

Paring Down

Golden Rule: The More Simple the Space, the Better it Shows. When buyers are looking at homes they often don’t look past the clutter around them. Removing all extra items in your home that do not enhance the beauty and functionality of each space will prevent buyers from feeling overwhelmed in your home. For example, put extra items lying around in the kitchen or home office into a storage bin.  Remember, closets can and will be opened during a showing so it’s best to keep storage items in the basement or attic space so they stay out of view.

Accent With Color

Adding a few vibrant color accents to any room can really liven a room and add character.  Fireplaces, master bedrooms, What’s great about this option is that it is very inexpensive to paint a wall or room if you can do it yourself (there’s the phone a friend option too!).

Decorating in Threes

Odd numbers create tension that provides visual interest. This principle can be applied with to wall art and accessories in any room.

Setting the Scene

Make sure each room’s purpose can be obviously determined by potential buyers. Setup a third bedroom as a home office or additional sitting area.

Organizing Boston’s talented and dedicated team of Professional Organizers are here to help you declutter your home and stage it to SELL!

Sarah Buckwalter