Organizing Your Bathroom

Organizing Your Bathroom
12 Jan 2017

Organizing Your Bathroom

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They say that tidying up your living room is the hardest among all rooms in the house, according to a blog post by Trindle Self Storage, but your bathroom can be just as daunting. It’s important that you keep your bathroom organized, as the likelihood of guests using it is high.

If you want to keep this area as neat and tidy as possible, consider the following tips when cleaning up your bathroom:

Get rid of the clutter

Many of us are known to hoard bath and body products. It’s a common problem, which ends up doing damage to our wallets and then takes up unnecessary space in our bathrooms. The very first step in organizing any room of the house is to sort through the clutter. Chances are that your collection contains expired and unused bottles, so throw away the former and give away the latter. And to maintain the number of products you own, make sure that you only purchase ones that are suited to your skin type.

While thousands of women often wonder what celebrities like Rihanna use in their routine, the reality is we shouldn’t model our products on celebrity collections. Rihanna’s very own make up artist revealed in a recent an interview featured on The Scene, the extent of the singer’s beauty regimen and the products she uses. Hoarding and spending on expensive products such as these will only hurt your bank balance and clutter your bathroom further. Your counter should only contain the products you use every day—anything else should be stored in drawers and cabinets out the way.

Make use of storage jars, baskets and other compartments

Anything with bulky packaging also adds to the jumble. What you should do is remove your makeup pads, cotton swabs, cotton balls and other items and sort them into little storage jars that are accessible, refillable, and also contributes to the overall design of your bathroom. HGTV also says having these on your counter will be especially handy for guests, as they won’t have to snoop through your cabinets for the essentials. Other storage items you can use are woven baskets for towels and plastic containers to organize drawers and the cabinet underneath your sink.

Install a shower caddy

Unfortunately, some showers don’t come with built-in shelving or only contain a soap holder. To avoid your toiletries piling up on the windowsill or the edge of your tub, make use of a shower caddy. Showering is easier when all your products are at eye level, next to your shower head. Plus, Good Housekeeping adds that this will prevent mildew build up often seen at bottom of bottles when they’re constantly sitting on wet surfaces.

Make sure the extra toilet paper rolls are visible

How many times have other people (or even you) used your bathroom only to find out you’re out of toilet paper? Don’t make life difficult for you and your guests. If you have a shelf above your toilet, then store them there so they are easily accessible for guests. If not, Real Simple suggests storing ample rolls within arm’s reach in a basket or bin.

Have any tips of your own you would like to share?

Sarah Buckwalter