Organizing Tips for New Moms

Organizing Tips for New Moms
08 May 2013
  • This week, we’re all about moms and let’s not forget moms-to-be in honor of Mother’s Day. Motherhood has a way of throwing your previously organized or at least somewhat manageable life for a loop. But rather than throwing in the towel (or the diaper), new moms should be encouraged by knowing that simple, yet effective organizing tricks can help save your sanity.
  • Here are three keys to success:
  • 1) Have a home for everything! New moms experience a brain fog that cannot be imagined until you experience it. If you have to think about where your keys are or the last time you saw the saw thermometer, you’re toast. Having a place for everything also makes it easier to ask for help from others, which is a good thing.
  • 2) Relax your standards. While being somewhat organized as a new mom definitely helps, being a perfectionist definitely doesn’t! Let other people help you do housework even if it doesn’t get done the way you would do it. You’ll have plenty of time to perfect your house later…ha, ha.
  • 3) Organize on the go. Getting out of the house as new mom is one the best things you can do for yourself, but making sure you have what you and your little one might need can be overwhelming. New moms spend lots of time trying to find the perfect diaper bag that will ensure organized outings, only to be digging through yet another bottomless bag when you really need something. We saw this great new product that has the power to tame any diaper bag. The sugarSNAP Files are a set of perfectly sized pouches for each category of stuff you’ll need, clearly visible labels, and a ring/clip mechanism that keeps all the pouches together or let’s you take one off as needed. No more digging for a diaper, onesie, or your own lip gloss, should you get a second to put some on. Wish we’d thought of this :)

Sarah Buckwalter