Organizing Success Story – Boston School Teacher Office

Organizing Success Story – Boston School Teacher Office
26 Sep 2016

Organizing Success Story – Boston School Teacher Office.

before-and-after-teachers-room-2Over the summer, the Organizing Boston team was called into a Boston school to help organize their teachers’ shared office space. 15 school teachers shared a large, open office space. Desks were piled with paper, book shelves were falling apart, the walls were painted an awful, bright yellow. The room was “a disaster zone”, as one teacher put it.

So, we transformed this disaster zone into a functional and organized room where the teachers could be focused and productive.

Step 1: De-clutter
We worked one on one with each teacher to go through their piles and get rid of all the old paper and trash and pack up the items they were keeping to be put aside while the space was transformed. We had the old furniture hauled away and donated.

Step 2: Measure and plan
We took measurements and created a layout and plan to fit enough desks, file cabinets and shelving to organize all the teachers and their school supplies.

Step 3: Prepare the space
The maintenance team at the school painted the walls of the school teacher office a pleasant color and replaced the carpets.

Step 4: Install shelving and desks
With help from the Container Store’s installation services, we installed shelving on the concrete walls and assembled 15 desks, file cabinets and elfa drawer systems from the Container Store. We even included drawer organizers, so the teachers could organize their school supplies.

Step 5: Unpack and organize
The teachers returned with their pared-down boxes of school supplies and we worked with each of them again to set up a system using their awesome new drawers, desks and organizers.


Organizing Success! The school teachers have been able to maintain their orderly office space and have reported better focus and efficiency thanks to organization!



Sarah Buckwalter