Organizing Boston’s Top Product Pick: Elfa!

Organizing Boston’s Top Product Pick: Elfa!
09 May 2018

Organizing Boston’s Top Product Pick: Elfa!

May is a popular month to tackle your seasonal clothing changover, so we’ll be talking about clothing and closet organizing a lot this month! To go along with this, we want to tell you about our most favorite organizing product: elfa solutions from the Container Store. Not only is elfa the Container Store’s best-selling product – it’s a product that our Professional Organizers use more than anything else in our home and office organizing work.

Elfa solutions are not just for closets! Elfa offers customizable shelving, drawer and storage solutions that you can use in any space of your home and office making this wonderful product extremely versatile!

Elfa comes in a variety of colors and finishes too. You can choose from wire, wood or wood trim and really customize it to fit your space, style and home decor!

Sand & White elfa Office

elfa Garage System

Why do we love elfa?

  • You get a free custom design of your space
  • You can use it anywhere – closets, kitchens, basements, garages
  • It looks great!!
  • It is sturdy and high quality (not like other ventilated shelving that we won’t mention by name…)
  • You can move it around and switch out components if your needs change (or if you get more stuff!)

Here are some of the fun things that Organizing Boston has done for our clients with elfa:

  • We transformed an empty foyer into a homework room for two kids, including desks, shelving, drawers and a place for coats and backpacks.
  • We turned a small spare room into a dream walk-in closet using freestanding elfa.
  • We created a storage solution for a basement toy room.
  • We maximized space in a small kitchen pantry using an elfa wall rack.
  • We created a shoe closet out of a closet that was not deep enough for hanging items.
  • We tricked out a linen closet complete with shelves and drawers for bulk items.
  • We created a functional home office with elfa desk components.

Visit the Container Store closet to you to learn more about this amazing organizing product!

Birch White Reach In Closet by elfa

Sarah Buckwalter