Organizing Heirloom Jewelry

Organizing Heirloom Jewelry
25 Jun 2013
  • If you have family jewelry or special pieces from your childhood, keeping them safe and organized is key to being able to enjoy and share them. And we know that keeping DIY organizing projects short and simple is often key to getting them done. So here’s a simple solution for sorting out your family jewelry.
  • 1. Gather what you have and sort it into basic categories – necklaces, bracelets, pins, etc. This is the first step to any organizing project!
  • 2. In this case you may not be planning to get rid of or give away anything, but take a moment to make sure you want to keep everything in your collection. If not, weed some items out to give to family members, sell or donate.
  • 3. Find a container that allows you to keep the items separate. This could be as easy as a simple divided box, which you can find at The Container Store or craft stores.
  • 4. Create a simple label for each piece. Write down what you know – material and who/where it came from is a good start. Put each piece and label in its own compartment in your box and your family jewelry will never be a mystery!

Heirloom Jewelry

Sarah Buckwalter