Organizing Challenge: I don’t have time to get organized!

Organizing Challenge: I don’t have time to get organized!
11 Sep 2013
  • Even when armed with organizing skills, tips and tricks, and a healthy dose of motivation, you will sometimes encounter organizing challenges that leave you stumped along your journey to a more organized state. This summer, we received quite a few calls from people who wanted to tackle their organizing projects during the “downtime” provided by the less-scheduled summer pace. The busier fall schedule may leave you feeling like you just don’t have any time to get organized. But, we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to “quit” for the season!
  • Organizing Challenge: I don’t have time to get organized!
  • That statement alone is a sign that you can probably use all the organization you can get! It can often feel like an organizing project will take a huge block of time that you don’t have, but we beg to differ. Here are some trouble-shooting tips to get you back on track with your organizing goals:
  • Break it down. You can break any organizing project down into smaller projects and shorter sessions. Even fifteen minutes can be enough to do something. The key is do bite-sized projects. If you want to re-organize your whole kitchen, try tackling one drawer each morning while your kids eat breakfast.
  • Push the pause button. Set up your project so you can pause and re-start at any time. If you have years of old photos, you can sort them into labeled photo boxes anytime you have a few spare minutes and then just put the lids back on and stack them up when you need to turn your attention back to something else.
  • Schedule time. Let’s face it, life is busy, and organizing projects can often lag behind other seemingly more pressing priorities. Be sure to schedule time for your organizing projects, just like any other appointment or priority, so that you can reach your goals and feel the benefits of a more organized life!


Sarah Buckwalter