Mattress Moving & Disposal

Mattress Moving & Disposal
01 Jun 2021

Mattress Moving & Disposal

Moving can be stressful. Even more so when you start considering all the larger objects
you have to lift, load and haul. The best way to simplify your move is to be properly
prepared, tactfully planned and efficiently organized. You might love your california king
mattress and oversized bed set but when it comes to relocation your comfort pieces can
quickly become your biggest pains. The cornerstone of the moving nightmare is the
mattress. If you’ve found yourself googling ‘ways to move a mattress’ and you are
wondering how you’re going to carry, lift, and strap that mattress on the top of your car,
it might be a good idea to think about some of your other options:

1: Ship It: If you’ve recently upgraded your bed or just can’t part ways with your current setup,
you can ship it. Shipping a mattress can be costly although still completely possible. Be sure to
wrap your mattress in a plastic mattress bag before packing it, then find a local moving
company who can get you the correct size box.

2: List It: Post a classified ad. Places like Craigslist, Letgo, and Facebook Marketplace are easy ways to leverage the people around you.

3: Hire Help: The logistics of moving can often feel hectic and overwhelming. Whether it’s
professional movers or removers, finding help to make your move convenient is essential. No
two moves are alike, depending on the specifics of your move you’ll have to prioritize certain
things over others. If you’re moving a boatload of furniture, a mattress is not as daunting of a
haul, instead just one more thing to load in the trailer. Packing and organizing your many
possessions are half the battle. The second half is the unpacking and settling in. If this process
overwhelms you, consider hiring professionals like the Organizing Boston team who can help
make this process worry free.

4: Buy a New One: Shop before you move, if you time this just right you can have your new
mattress delivered (in a box & at your door) to your new home on unpacking day. Conveniently
companies like Casper and their mattress in a box options are both affordable, reliable, and
comfortable options.

If you chose to ditch the old mattress and lighten the load – Great idea. Keep things
simple and consider this move a time to refresh and upgrade your at-home essentials.
There is no need to haul the things you plan to replace in the near enough future.

When it comes to getting rid of your old mattress, don’t be the person who leaves the
bed on the curb or worse inside the previous home. Here are the ways you can dispose of a used mattress. (Keep in mind the fun part comes next, when you get to shop for
your new ideal dream bed!)

1: Donate It: Check with local nonprofits to see if there is a need or a way to donate near you.
Depending on health department regulations, some organizations may or may not be able to
take a used mattress. Habitat for Humanity, community churches, and local shelters can be
good places to offer.

2: Dump It: Dumps will list online if they can or cannot take mattresses. Due to the standard
disposal process which mattresses often complicate, many dumps will dispose of your old bed
but often with an additional fee.

3: Pass It Down: You can sell it or offer it up to your friends and family. As long as the mattress
doesn’t house bed bugs or have obnoxious stains and wear, passing it along to someone who
will use it, is both a kind and sustainable option.

4: Break it Down: If you have the time, you can tear apart and dispose of your old mattress
manually. Burn the wood frame, scrap the springs (if your mattress still has them), the fabric and
the fill can be broken down and tossed (in bags) into the trash.

Sarah Buckwalter