Organize Yourself for Black Friday Deals!

Organize Yourself for Black Friday Deals!
06 Nov 2017

Organize Yourself for Black Friday Deals!

Be prepared for the Black Friday shopping madness this year! Pick up an Accordion Organizer and get all your coupons, gift cards and store credit cards into one place. Organize them alphabetically by store and retrieving them will be a snap! Keep it in your purse and you won’t ever have to run to your car (or worse, home) for that forgotten coupon!

Here are our favorites from The Container Store:

13-Pocket Coupon File

Clear 13 Pocket Accordion Files

With your coupons organized, all you have to do now is plan your shopping attack! Plan ahead, list the stores you need to hit and map out the quickest route from store to store. Park strategically…..and, please, no pushing!

Happy Black Friday organized shopping!

Sarah Buckwalter

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