New Year, Fresh Start!

New Year, Fresh Start!
30 Dec 2015

Office_2New Year, Fresh Start!

By Kate Altieri, Professional Organizer, Organizing Boston

If getting organized is one of your New Year’s Resolutions, why not get started right away? Most of us have New Year’s Day off of work. I do. And I spend it making a fresh start for the New Year.

Are you ending 2015 overwhelmed by paper? Has the mail has piled up in various places? Maybe you’ve missed bills and deadlines because of misplaced documents. If this sounds like your 2015 year in review, you are about to get a reprieve! If you spent 2015 in paper mire get it out of the way, starting on January 1st.

The New Year offers a new start on things, but also an end for others! If you change the trend on January 1st, you don’t have to get it under control or deal with anything this year. How is this true you wonder?

On January 1st, I empty my files, and start anew. The beginning of the calendar year is the ideal time for this. I know it doesn’t sound as fun as binge-watching Netflix. But, get it done now and you have the rest of the year to do that!

Here’s how you’ll be spending New Year’s Day (Trust me, it’s worth it):

First, gather these supplies:
new year organizing

  • A bulletin board
  • Two trays or baskets large enough to hold paper
  • A paper bag or bin next to the door you enter with the mail
  • Bags for trash/recycling/shredding



Here’s what to do:

  • Sort through all your paper and get rid of any junk mail and other unnecessary paperwork.
  • Create three places for action items and do the following:
    1. Place all bills to be paid into one tray or basket labeled “Bills To Pay”
    2. Place all items to be dealt with on the bulletin board in full view indicating “To Do”
    3. Place all items to be kept into one tray or basket labeled “To File”
  • Then, start with the bills and work your way through the piles, tackling each action item.

What to do with school papers and artwork:
Sort it, let go of Put it all in a bin and label each piece with your child’s name and the year.

Having trouble letting go?
Keep in mind that very few things need to be kept. It’s true! Most of it can go in recycling and shredding. Keep only the bills, receipts and paperwork you need to file your taxes. This is a great time to locate and organize all of your necessary tax paperwork, so you’ll be ready for tax season!

To maintain your system:

  • Get rid of junk mail and unnecessary paperwork immediately as it comes in.
  • Follow the steps above on a regular basis to stay on top of paperwork.

Do this on January 1st and keep this system in place throughout the year and you will change the trend for 2016 and stop that horrible feeling of being overwhelmed by paper.

Happy New Year and Happy Organizing!

About Kate:

client services managerKate Altieri has over 10 years of experience as a Professional Organizer in Boston. She has been with Organizing Boston since 2007 serving as Organizing Project Manager and Client Services Manager. Please contact Kate for a complimentary phone consultation to see how she can help you make the most of your space! 617-893-9242.



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