Preparing for your Stress-Free Move!

Preparing for your Stress-Free Move!
17 Jul 2017

Preparing for Your Stress-Free Move!

We don’t know too many people who love to pack, but if you are getting ready for a big move, there are some smart moves you can make to at least take advantage of a prime de-cluttering opportunity and ward off last minute stress.

1) Plan ahead as much as possible. In most cases, a move or home project is not a surprise, and while many of us are so busy with the rest of life that packing often gets left to the last minute, do yourself a favor and give yourself at least several weeks to make sure you can pack smart!

2) Schedule the BIG stuff. Make sure you schedule movers, donation pick-ups and other packing and purging help as early as you know your preferred schedule. If you have a two-stage move and won’t be moving immediately into your new home, you may need to reserve short-term storage as well. Whatever your situation, scheduling the big stuff ASAP will make sure you get the help you want and need and also helps you set a timeline for the rest of the smaller tasks.

3) Scan your home for items you want to sell or donate. There are a variety of options for selling items – Craigslist, eBay, consignment, specialty online or local re-sellers, just to name a few. Pick the avenue you’re most comfortable with and take action. If selling doesn’t pan out, schedule charity donation pick ups, junk removal services, or plan to take several trips to a donation drop-off.

While packing for a move may not be on the top of your favorite activities list, taking a few steps to be prepared at least gives you a better chance for a stress-free move!

Sarah Buckwalter