Last-Minute Gift Ideas!

Last-Minute Gift Ideas!
18 Dec 2017

Last-Minute Gift Ideas!

If you’re still shopping for holiday gifts (or haven’t started!), let’s face it – you’re not alone and there’s still time to make it happen! The key is not to fall victim to buying random stuff that your recipients don’t need or want just because you’re feeling desperate. Desperation gifts can often turn into gift clutter, and who wants that!? Instead, stay focused on gifts that are both easy to get and easy to use. Here are a few ideas that your recipient will enjoy!

1) Gift Certificates – While they sometimes get a bad rap for being impersonal, gift certificates can be a great way to make sure your recipient gets something that they really want! And, you can make it more personal by getting one to their favorite store, restaurant, hobby/interests, etc.!

2) Gift Card or Membership to a Local Attraction – Think museums (Museum of Science), aquariums, zoos, amusement parks, live music (Ticketmaster), sporting events, and more! Quality time gifts can really create lasting memories, will never clutter up your home, and are often something the recipient wouldn’t do for themselves.

3) A Charitable Donation – This is especially great for the person who “has everything.” Pick a cause that’s near and dear to their heart and make a donation in their name. Some non-profit organizations even have gift packages that allow you to adopt an animal (World Wildlife Fund). And, you can often do all your research and the donation on-line, which makes this an extra-easy option saving you time and energy!

4) Delivery of Fresh Ingredients – Online companies like Blue Apron have made groceries delivered to your doorstep ten times easier for families, couples and individuals. Setting up weekly or monthly meal plans is a great gift from Hello Fresh.

5) Gift Certificate for Services – Give your family and friends the gift of some extra help this year – we could all use some of that! This could be anything from a salon, spa, house cleaning, pet sitting, etc.  And of course, we don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love a gift of some time with a professional organizer to help whip their home or office into shape for the New Year!

Happy last-minute shopping and of course, Happy Holidays too!!

Sarah Buckwalter