Kitchen Pantry Organizing Makeover

Kitchen Pantry Organizing Makeover
24 Mar 2015

Kitchen Pantry Organizing Makeover

Before and After PantryBefore we started our kitchen pantry organizing makeover, this kitchen pantry was cluttered with bulky items and inefficient storage. But with a little time, effort, and great new storage, it is now a functional home for this family’s kitchen pantry essentials.

The first step in this kitchen pantry organizing makeover was to sort through each and every item in the pantry. We were able to get rid of items the family didn’t need and find new homes for items that really didn’t belong in the space and were taking up precious real estate. When going through this process of determining what stays and what goes, it helps to keep the goal for your kitchen pantry organizing firmly in mind. In this case, the family wanted plentiful and easy storage for ingredients, appliances, and other kitchen items that didn’t have a home in their cabinets.

After tossing what they didn’t need, we were able to further group together the remaining items and decide on the best storage. The bulky cabinet previously used for ingredient storage wasn’t the best use of space or easy to use. So we replaced it with Elfa wall racks, which allow you to choose the size and spacing of your baskets to maximize your space. They make great use of vertical space and are also very slim, taking up very little room, which was important in this case since the pantry was also the back entrance to the house. We also replaced the existing wall shelves with sturdy, adjustable Elfa shelving that made better use of the vertical space. The end result was a dream come true for the home owner – easy access to all her kitchen needs…not to mention a pleasant path to her backyard! Kitchen pantry organizing saves you time and money, and reduces food waste, since you can actually see what you have before you head to the store!

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Sarah Buckwalter