Kitchen Organization: Easy DIY Hacks and Tips

Kitchen Organization: Easy DIY Hacks and Tips
09 May 2023



Kitchen Organization

The ultimate solution to kitchen organization is to get custom-made storage systems installed. However, there are many things you can do on your own before you bring the professionals in. Here are some kitchen organization tips to help you keep your cooking space tidy and easy to navigate.

Arrange Things so the Most-Used Items are Front and Center

It’s tempting to arrange things to look “pretty,” but this is almost always impractical. That’s because the things you use every day are all different shapes and sizes. If you hide something away because it doesn’t fit a size-based scheme, you’ll soon get sick of having to dig it out every day. Then, you’ll be less likely to put it away, and it’ll become part of the collection of things that stay on the counter.

Plan on Keeping Some Things Out All the Time

Some items, especially small appliances, should stay out all the time. These are things you’ll use at least once a day and sometimes more. Examples include coffee makers, toasters, air fryers, and other essentials.

Plan spaces for these items, and enough room to easily use them, so they look like they belong there. By putting some thought into the display, you’ll avoid the appearance of clutter while keeping your kitchen easy to use.

Avoid Open Cabinets

It’s trendy to have open cabinets that show everything, but a lot of work could be done. Every open space is a display area that will grab the eye of everyone who walks in the room. That means you’ll have to pay constant attention to how things like boxes of foil, cling wrap, and parchment paper look. You’ll soon discover that many of these things are not only different sizes, but they tend to get greasy with use.

The best way to deal with this problem is to cover up the view. If you can’t install cabinet doors, hang a sheet of pretty fabric over the opening. Whether you make it yourself or get a premade kitchen window curtain, it will instantly change the appearance of clutter to one of organization.

This same trick works great for any collection of mismatched items, such as random coffee mugs, large pots, and pans, or similar things that just won’t stack nicely.

Add More Space

Sometimes, there just isn’t enough space to neatly store everything. Rather than fill up every open surface, add some shelf units, free standing cabinets, and other such solutions. These are readily available in every design style and several price ranges. Whether you choose a $20 set of plastic shelves or a $300+ designer wood-and-metal showpiece, adding extra storage space will give you more places to put things “where they belong” instead of just “somewhere.”

Invest in a Hiring a Professional for Kitchen Organization

Most kitchens are built according to plans that home designers have deemed adequate for the majority of users. While these designs are indeed usable by most, you may have run out of ideas to make it usable for you. The ultimate solution is to have the kitchen reorganized to match your specific needs, lifestyle, and preferences.

When you work with us here at Organizing Boston, we’ll listen to all of your issues with your current set-up and your wish list. Then, we’ll create a system that eliminates frustrations while adding the functionality you’ve always wanted.

If you need someone to help you get your kitchen organized, We can create custom solutions in the Boston area (including Cambridge, Brookline, Newton and more), contact us here via our contact form or give us a call at 617-893-9242.

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Sarah Buckwalter