Just Say No!

Just Say No!
11 Jun 2013
  • What’s the easiest way to reduce clutter in your life? Just say no! No to free stuff, no to bargains, no to buying stuff you don’t really need, and no to hand-me-downs (if you don’t really need them of course). There are two main reasons why focusing on accumulating less is such a successful strategy when it comes to staying clutter free.
  • The first reason seems obvious – the less you accumulate, the less you have. And the beautiful thing about not acquiring something is you don’t have to store it, clean it, put it away, fix it or get rid of it – ever!
  • The second reason is definitely not as obvious. Ever wonder why it can be so hard to get rid of even junky, useless items you’ve accumulated? This is because of the so-called endowment effect. We tend to place higher value on something we already own. Once you let it into your house, it will be harder to let go of – pure and simple.
  • So if you’re working on de-cluttering your space, don’t forget to keep your guard up to ward off letting new clutter in!

Sarah Buckwalter