Get Your To-Do List Done!

Get Your To-Do List Done!
29 May 2013
  • Boy, it can be tough getting back into the swing of things after a holiday weekend! Your desk may be piled with things you left with an “I’ll deal with it when I get back” attitude, and your to-do list is probably over-flowing with incomplete tasks as well. Since completing to-do lists seems to be an elusive task for many of us, we thought we’d try to get everyone back on track with a couple of tips to help turn your to-do list into your to-done list!
  • Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. For your daily list, instead of writing down everything you have to do from now until the end of time, decide what are the top 3-5 things you must do today. Being realistic in terms of how much you can actually get done in a day will help set you up for success.
  • Limit distractions. Distractions including email, phone calls, meetings or impromptu chats with colleagues are likely one of the top barriers to getting that list done. Do what you need to do to limit these or other distractions. Close your door, set times to check email, or schedule meetings with co-workers rather than chatting non-stop.
  • Stay focused. While multi-tasking was once considered a required skill for most professionals, focusing on one task at a time when possible actually enhances productivity. Changing from one task to another only wastes time since you’re constantly shifting gears.
  • Test out one or more of these tips to see if you can conquer your to-do list!

Sarah Buckwalter