Gear Up for an Organized Summer in Boston

Gear Up for an Organized Summer in Boston
01 Jun 2021

It’s hard to believe, but Memorial Day weekend has come and gone that means summer is right around the corner! Now’s the time gear up for an organized summer in Boston. This means making sure you have a few summer essentials on hand, so you can be ready head out and enjoy the nice weather.

First, you’ll want to do a little decluttering and spring cleaning. Need some tips? Check out our previous post: A New Englander’s Guide to Spring Cleaning.

Now, let’s great ready for summer! Here are four simple things you can do to gear up for an organized summer in Boston.

Pack Up the Cold
If you haven’t done so already, make sure you pack up your cold weather gear and get it out of your way – hats, gloves, winter coats, boots and clothes. Do a quick review – weed out anything you don’t want to save for next year and put it in a donation bin. Also, be sure everything you’re saving is clean and dry before you pack it away. At the same time, unpack the warm. Get out your summer clothes and flip flops and make sure they’re clean and ready for the warm days ahead (it will be 90 degrees before you know it!).

Be Sun Smart
Dig out what you have for sunscreen, bug repellent and summer hats. Throw out expired stuff, make a list of what you need and grab it the next time you’re out shopping. There are tons of sales and coupons at this time of year. Label a basket or bin in your entryway or coat closet so everyone knows where to find it! Put some in the car (especially sunscreen and bug spray). You never know when you’ll need it. I got eaten alive last weekend on a local hike because my big spray was still packed away. Ouch!

Get Ready to Dive In
Make sure everyone in the family has swim suits, towels and other swim gear for the season. You can even pre-stock the beach bag with towels, sunscreen, etc. so it’s ready to grab and go when you get that first pool party invite or beach day opportunity.

Plan Ahead
Make sure you get summer vacations, camps, long weekends, etc. on the calendar ASAP. Now’s also the time to plan before things book up. Also, get your start pet-sitter scheduled since they are busy during the summer.

While you don’t have to have your all of summer ducks completely in a row yet, following these simple summer prep tips will help you feel more prepared, so you can be carefree as the summer fun begins!

Sarah Buckwalter