Garage Storage Solutions

Garage Storage Solutions
11 Sep 2017

Garage Storage Solutions

Often our garage becomes a dumping ground for all the items we can’t fit into the house. Tools, sports equipment and seasonal items have a way of piling up, especially when you have a big, open space to toss them in! When winter comes, you’re left wishing you had some space for your car, but by then it’s too cold out to want to tackle the garage. So, do yourself a favor and organize your garage now. Get it done while the weather is nice and you’ll thank yourself once the snow starts falling!

The best way to organize your garage is to take everything out of it, toss or donate any unwanted items and assess what you are going to keep. Emptying everything out gives you the space to clean it, paint it (if you want), and install shelving and/or other garage storage solutions before putting everything back in. Without storage and shelving, stuff will just end up piled up again.

When it comes to garage storage solutions, there are dozens of options out there. Look at what items you’ll need to store to help determine what solutions work best for you. You can mix and match different solutions and DIY, or use a company that will come in and install a complete system for you.

Helpful Hint: Create zones in your garage for different items like sports gear, yard tools, car equipment, seasonal item, etc. Use wall signs or labels to help everyone know where to find and put things back.

Here are some of my favorite garage storage solutions for each type of items you might store in your garage:

If you want an all-in-one solution, I recommend the elfa Utility Garage Solution. This solution has shelving and baskets for storing items of various sizes, drawers for smaller things and hooks for bikes, tools, sports equipment, etc. All of the components are adjustable, so this solution can work in any size garage. They really thought of everything with this system!

Sports Equipment: Using a track and shelving system like the one I mentioned above is the best solution for storing a variety of sports equipment. There are custom wall-mount racks for items such as skis, skateboards, golf clubs, basketballs, baseball bats, and more! Chrome shelving with baskets is also a great way to corral your sports gear. If you’re an avid golfer, then a rolling golf organizer rack might be the right solution for you.

Bikes: Count your bikes and choose an option that will fit them all. You can hang them vertically, horizontally, or from the ceiling. If you use your bike often, and have the floor space, you might want to opt for a simple floor rack or a gravity stand.

Tools: For large tools, such as ladders, rakes, shovels, etc., a simple track system with utility hooks is an easy solution. Custom hooks can hold just about anything. For smaller tools, try a wall-mounted utility organizer board (a modern twist on the old pegboard). If you’re a full-on mechanic, or DIY-er, then you might need to go big with a complete rolling tool cabinet.

Seasonal items: Choose water-proof, air tight bins to pack smaller items like winter clothes, holiday items, memorabilia, books, etc. Stack them or store them on shelves, depending on how often you need to access them.

Shelving: Depending on the climate you live in, chrome shelving is an attractive and versatile option. If you live in a damp and humid climate, or if you have a musty, dusty garage, then I recommend plastic shelving. It won’t rust and you can pull it out and hose it off once in a while. These shelving options come in a variety of sizes, so be sure to measure first and see what will fit best in your garage.

Recycling and Trash Bins: Many towns now supply recycling and trash bins. But, they are usually pretty big and take up a lot of valuable space in the garage. If there is a place for them outside, you can set up a smaller trash and recycling station in a convenient location and empty it into the bigger bins when full.

So, pick a sunny day, grab yourself an iced coffee and a get that garage organized and ready for winter! You’ll be relieved when you can pull your car in there with ease.

Sarah Buckwalter