End of School Preparation- Tips for Organizing Kids’ Clothes

End of School Preparation- Tips for Organizing Kids’ Clothes
14 May 2018

End of School Preparation- Tips for Organizing Kids’ Clothes

With warmer temperatures, school ending soon, and family vacations to look forward to, Summer can be a wonderful chance to unwind and spend quality time with family and friends. But Summer also has its organizational challenges, especially with finding the time to changeover seasonal clothing and store away cold weather items. Don’t wait until school’s out to begin – get started now and “unitask” which means focus on one project at a time! Here are some simple ideas from our creative team of Professional Organizers for enjoying a less-stressed and more fun Summer for the whole family!

Make it a Stress-Free Summer!– Before you get too far into summer, be sure to wrap up the previous school year so you’re not tripping over it all season long. Empty the school bags, get rid of stuff that’s seen better days (like stained clothing or worn out shoes), and store school supplies so you can use them again. Work with your children to review school projects and art work from the year – pick out the special stuff and store it in a under bed box or a fun binder with plastic sleeves. Last but not least, take a rainy afternoon to have your children try on their clothes so you can identify which clothes they’ve outgrown and can be donated or used again as hand-me-downs for siblings. You can also take this time to organize closets and dressers – t-shirts in one drawer, shorts in another, and so on. Hang dresses, shirts, pants, and jackets in closets. If you have extra time, color coordinate the clothes in your kids closet – this will make it easier to find what you are looking for (if it’s missing that means it’s dirty).

Gear Up for Fun in the Sun! – Make sure your children’s summer clothes are now front and center in their closets and drawers. Take note of any additional items they need if something no longer fits – bathing suits, t-shirts, socks, shorts, pjs, hats, sneakers, Crocs, etc.  Stow cold weather clothing that can be used again next season in clear, labeled bins in closets or other storage space in your home. Don’t forget to stock up on sunblock too!

Summer Fun Zone! – Summer comes with lots of gear – outdoor toys, beach and pool supplies, and camp equipment. To make things easy, clear the off-season gear out and set up a summer fun zone in your entry way, garage or other easy in-and-out location. Use large tubs or baskets to store items like balls and frisbees. A set of drawers or a bench with baskets can be good for smaller items like sunscreen, bug repellent, and flip-flops. Keep must-haves like helmets on easy-to-reach hooks. Get a head-start on packing for upcoming trips or camp by keeping a tote bag or bin to collect items you know you’ll need or want.

Setting up a few simple systems will make it easier to embrace the laid-back spirit of summer. Now, get out there and enjoy the beautiful weather!

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Sarah Buckwalter