Do a Good Deed and Help Organize!

Do a Good Deed and Help Organize!
12 Feb 2018

Do a Good Deed and Help Organize!

Yes the groundhog saw his shadow which means we have six more week of winter, but the good news is Spring is just around the corner! Spring is the perfect time of year to open our windows, breathe in the fresh air, listen to the birds sing, put some bright tulips in a vase, and oh yeah – clean, declutter and organize our homes! Did you know the average woman cleans for 12,896  hours in her lifetime and most of that is spent during Spring Cleaning? No, no, no please….go ahead and sigh!

The weeks leading up to Spring is also a great time to help a family member, friend or neighbor with an organizing project at their home.  You don’t need to be a professional organizer to tackle an organizing project – all it takes is some kindness, patience and understanding. A simple project could be labeling items for a yard sale, pack or unpack moving boxes, cleaning out their garage or attic, organizing paper work and setting up filing systems, taking photos and posting furniture items for sale online, etc.  If you’re someone who catches yourself saying from time to time “That was my good deed for the day!” then your obviously someone who enjoys helping others and giving back, so why not offer up some time to help the people you care about the most.  It’s also a great way to spend some quality time and catch-up with that person while you are working on a project together.

Here are a few essentials items you’ll most certainly need for any Spring cleaning or organizing project:

  • Plastic Bags
    • The uses for these are unlimited. Keep screws, nuts, and bolts organized in snack-size bags. Corral small game pieces or toys in their box.
  • Clear Plastic Bins
    • These stack nicely on a shelf and are great for storing anything. Plus, you can see what’s inside. Use them for seasonal clothing, toys, office supplies, and anything else you can think of! Visit your local Container Store or shop online!
  • Drawer Organizers
    • Use these to organize anything in a drawer, from clothing to junk to jewelry. Remember to de-clutter and sort first. Sticking one of these in an overstuffed drawer is not going to do any good.
  • File and Hanging Folders
    • With Spring also comes tax season and extra paperwork. Use these to keep paperwork in check.
  • Label Maker or Sharpie Markers
    • Don’t underestimate the importance of labeling, especially in a multi-person household. Label drawers, cabinets, closet shelves and containers, so everyone knows where things go.
  • Donations Bag
    • Hang a tote bag in a central location or by the back door and let it serve as a collection bin for clothes, house wares, toys, and other items that will be given away. Select a local charity to drop-off these items.

If you’re someone who enjoys doing good deeds, then helping others with organizing projects year-round (when you have the time) could be very rewarding for you.  You can also volunteer within your community or at a local charity. Maybe you can even get a relative or friend to join you!

At Organizing Boston we believe that “A Good Deed is Never Lost!” (quote by Basil the Great) and we know that your “good deed” organizing will be appreciated!

Sarah Buckwalter