Clothing Organizing Inspiration with STUFF Method!

Clothing Organizing Inspiration with STUFF Method!
23 May 2018

Clothing Organizing Inspiration with STUFF Method!

Almost any organization project can be accomplished using our STUFF method – Sort, Toss, Unify, Fill and Follow-up!

1) Sort clothing in piles and into categories to determine what stays and what goes by labeling three boxes or bins – “KEEP”, “DONATE” and “TOSS”.

2) Toss clothing that hasn’t been worn in more than two years, no longer fits and no longer in style.

3) Unify a home for the clothing you are keeping. Does it go on a hanger or in a drawer? To find clothing easily, try color coordinating clothes on hangers or keeping items used daily toward the front of your closet.

4) Fill clean, waterproof and airtight bins with off-season clothing to keep clothes in perfect condition. Stackable bins are a great option to make use of a small storage spaces or vertical space.

5) Follow-up and evaluate your space for storing clothing neatly – closet, dressers, drawers, bins or totes. Identifying an organizing system that works best for you will help you stay organized. After all clothes have been put away, wait at least one month to evaluate each space to determine if it’s easy enough for you to maintain.

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Sarah Buckwalter