Clothing Consignment Tips

Clothing Consignment Tips
09 Sep 2014

Clothing Consignment Tips

clothing consignmentWe all are guilty of buying clothing that we “will fit into someday” or “will have the occasion to wear someday”. These particular articles of clothing seem to be the ones that are hardest to let go of. After all, we paid good money for it and never, or hardly ever wore it! And maybe, just maybe, we might fit into it, or have the occasion to wear it…someday…maybe?

Well, if you’re reluctant to let go to of that never, or seldom worn item, we have a solution for you….consign it! By consigning clothing you are at least getting back a portion of what you paid for it, so it’s not a total loss.

Also, it’s easy!. You just drop off your clothing and they do they selling for you!

Here are some clothing consignment tips:
Consignment shops all have their own guidelines as to what they will and will not accept, but here are a few general rules.
It must be in current fashion (within the last year or two)
It must be in new or like-new condition and clean- no pills, stains, wear, tears, etc.
Clothing with the tags still on it will sell for more $.
It must be appropriate for the current season, or upcoming season (consignment shops will not accept winter clothes in the spring, summer clothes in the fall, etc.).
Clothing must be on hangers
Some places will require an appointment and/or a minimum number of items.

What you’ll get:
Usually 40-50% of the sale price.
Some shops will offer more if you accept in the form of a store credit. Be careful here! This is a slippery slope to accumulating more unwanted clothing. Just take the money and run!

So, go ahead, let those clothes go, make a little money and free up space in your closet for things you love and wear!

Sarah Buckwalter