Clearing the Clutter from Your Closets

Clearing the Clutter from Your Closets
11 Aug 2015

Clearing the Clutter from Your Closets

Colorful clothes hanging in wardrobeHave you been looking for that shirt or dress in your closet for weeks, but can’t find it? As our wardrobe gets bigger, organizing becomes more important. When you peer into your closet, take a close look at what you see.

When you have clothes strewn on the floor or hanging out of drawers, shoes in different corners, or socks missing their partners, it’s time to get organized. Your entire day can be thrown off if you strain yourself trying to get dressed in the morning. The fact of the matter is that we only wear about 20% of our wardrobe, with the remaining 80% consisting of old, worn-out, out of style clothing.

As you prepare to tackle the challenge of decluttering your space, keep these tips in mind.

Get Rid of Old Clothes

As you’re going through your closet, you might be thinking, “I love this shirt!” Think about the last time you actually put it on. Donating or throwing out old clothes with no sentimental value is an essential factor in providing additional room in your closet. If you wouldn’t buy that piece of clothing today, there’s no need for you to keep it in your closet.

Leave Some Space between Hangers

When space permits, you should give your clothes some breathing room. You will be able to find the outfit you want easier, and you will avoid finding the piece wrinkled as you take it out of the closet. Put your most worn items in the easily accessible space of your closet.

Don’t Stack

With your sweaters and folding t-shirts, don’t leave them in a stack on top of your hanging items. Fold them and place them into designated drawers. Line them up so you can see each shirt, and won’t have to rummage through the pile to find the shirt you want. This will have your drawers and closet cluttered again in no time.

Put Items in Appropriate Closets

As you purchase and accumulate new household items, it is inevitable that some of those products will wind up in the wrong closet. Bath towels in a bedroom closet or shoes in the hallway closet can get confusing, and you’ll lose track of these items. As you’re organizing the home, separate the out-of-place items and put them in the appropriate closets.

The demand for storage solutions to keep your closet organized is rising throughout 2015. You want to maximize the space in your closet to hold year-round wardrobes so you’re not scouring to find your favorite blouse for the summer or coat for the winter. Enhancing closet space will keep your clothes, accessories and shoes neatly organized.

It starts with clearing the clutter and putting your unwanted items into a donation bin. Don’t let the process become overwhelming. Envision how you want your closet to look and stay on the path to reach your goal. Soon, you’ll see less chaos and more organization.

Sarah Buckwalter