Before and After Storage Room

Before and After Storage Room
09 Feb 2017

One of our own Organizing Boston professional organizers, Angel Crandell, recently spent a weekend day tackling her own storage room. Yes, even a professional organizer’s space can get a little cluttered from time to time. :-) Angel’s family used this space for storage of tools and other household items and most importantly – skis. Everyone in Angel’s family is an avid skier, so with this space organized, they can grab what they need and have more time to do what they love.

Here are the before and after picture that resulted from Angel’s weekend project.

This cluttered work bench was a catch-all for random tools. Now it’s a clear space where skis can get tuned!

These shelves were underutilized and became a great storage spot for paint and cleaning supplies.

A peg board was the perfect solution for keeping tools neat and organized.


And most importantly…. a place for the skis!


Would you like Angel to tackle your storage (or any other) space? Give us a call at 617-893-9242 or email us at [email protected]

Sarah Buckwalter