Be Prepared for Back to School!

Be Prepared for Back to School!
02 Sep 2014

organization-labelsThis year, be prepared for the last minute project and homework panics by keeping a well-stocked school supplies emergency kit. This kit should contain school supplies your child might lose or run out of on a regular basis as well as the items that are usually needed for special projects.

Depending on your kids’ ages, your kit might contain basic arts and crafts supplies, school supplies like pencils, paper, an extra notebook, and computer/printer supplies such as ink/toner, paper, and a memory stick. Your kids’ teachers should be able to steer you in the right direction if they haven’t already provided a list of must-haves.

If you have more than one child, you can keep one kit stocked for everyone or make separate kits, especially if there is a large age difference. A clear bin with a lid and handle makes a good container. You might need a smaller container or pouch within the kit to hold small items like pencils and scissors.

Sarah Buckwalter