Back to School Inspiration

Back to School Inspiration
28 Aug 2013

With some amazing August weather, we’ve definitely been fighting the back to school bug around here, holding on to every last little bit of summer. But I suppose it’s finally time to get our back to school hats on. I just read an amazing back to school post from one of my favorite organizing bloggers, Jen over at iheartorganizing. I was already in love with her system for storing favorite school memories, which she links to in this post, but I just love her other ideas from lunches to homework to school cubbies so much, that I had to share. So check out her post for some great back to school inspiration and read on below for a few comments from yours truly.

Setting up a lunch packing station with everything you need in one place – such as dedicating a cabinet and a bin in the fridge – is a great idea for minimizing morning stress. It also means it’s easier to see what you have and what you need more of when you make your shopping list. I just love anything that makes doing “inventory” easier.

I’m also loving her homework box idea. Dedicate a box or caddy to each kid’s homework supplies so there’s no searching or fighting when it comes time to sit down and get the work done. And this also makes for super easy clean-up – an absolute must if you want to keep your house under control.

Last but not least, don’t feel like you have to tackle every amazing school organizing project you see. I know that sometimes seeing all the amazing things other people do on pinterest, etc. can be overwhelming and leave us feeling less than adequate. Remember, organizing is a journey. Start small with a project that you’re passionate about. There will always be time to take it to the next level down the road!

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Sarah Buckwalter