Back-to-School 101

Back-to-School 101
07 Aug 2017

Back-to-School 101: Tips for Parents 

It’s almost the start of a new school year, and pretty soon you’ll be surrounded by freshly sharpened pencils, backpacks, and a whole new set of etiquette dilemmas that aren’t addressed in your kids’ textbooks. Master the Do’s and Don’ts of dealing with teachers and schools and earn an A++ for diplomacy.

DO introduce yourself to the teacher within the first few weeks. Because it’s important to establish a good relationship from the beginning.

DON’T bring up concerns at open houses or back-to-school nights. This isn’t the time for individual conferences.

DO talk to the lunchroom supervisor, recess monitor, or teacher if another child is bullying yours. Ask for more supervision and involve the principal only if you think the problem isn’t being solved.

DON’T commit to frequent events if you’re overbooked. Instead, look for something that requires a few hours for the entire school year.

DO meet with the teacher if you don’t agree with her teaching methods. Because good teachers adapt to the learning style of each child. Great teachers communicate with parents.

DON’T ask the teacher about your child’s progress when you bump into her at the market. The teacher is on her own time, plus you never know who might overhear your conversation.

DO speak to the teacher if you’re concerned about your child’s reading- or math- group placement.

DON’T send your child to school with cupcakes without checking the school policy. Some schools don’t allow special snacks.

DO create an emergency school supplies kit. This year, instead of making a dozen last-minute trips to the store, try keeping extra supplies in a single tote or stowable kit.

The Basic Kit

  •  Pencils (regular and colored)
  •  Pencil sharpener
  •  Pens
  •  Markers
  •  Crayons
  •  Poster board
  •  Construction paper
  •  Printer paper
  •  Report covers
  •  Post-it notes
  •  Glue
  •  Glue stick
  •  Tape (regular and double-sided)
  •  Scissors
  •  Stapler and staples
  •  Paper clips

Extra Credit

  •  Composition books
  •  Sharpie pens
  •  Graph paper
  •  Magazines and catalogs (for collages)
  •  Masking tape
  •  Thumbtacks
  •  Hole punch
  •  Pipe cleaners
  •  Cotton balls
  •  String
  •  Glitter
  •  Pom-poms
  •  Ribbon
  •  Googly eyes
  •  Stickers

Prepare for and Attend Parent-Teacher Conferences

Five days a week, your child goes off to a secret world called school. What really goes on inside this school anyways? A parent-teacher conference is your chance for a peek inside.  Make the most of it by getting to know your child’s teacher beforehand. You may want to ask teachers for their e-mail addresses so you can communicate with them and talk about problems as they arise instead of letting them build up. Be proactive.  Approach a conference as a chance to solidify this partnership and to discuss relevant family issues. Teachers need to be aware of any issues at home so they can give students extra attention when they need it. Finally, ask your child if there’s anything he/she wants you to bring up at the conference. After all, kids have voices too!

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Sarah Buckwalter