Avoid Dorm Drama and Bedroom Bedlam with These Decluttering Tips from Organizing Boston

Avoid Dorm Drama and Bedroom Bedlam with These Decluttering Tips from Organizing Boston
20 Aug 2015

Avoid Dorm Drama and Bedroom Bedlam with These Decluttering Tips.

student organizing bostonMessiness is supposedly a famous sign of creativity and intelligence, but when juggling a hectic schedule of classes, studying, extra-curriculars and weekend escapades, even geniuses need a little organization in their lives. Whether looking to organize middle schoolers’ clothing-strewn floors or make the best use of space in a cramped college dorm room, Organizing Boston can transform even the most cluttered rooms into perfect study spots. We’ve compiled a few tips to help you create a DIY Zen-den that’s conducive to both work and play.

Room sharers: get creative in marking your territory!
Whether siblings sharing a bedroom or college roommates in a dorm, preserve sanity and good vibes by differentiating any similar items in creative ways. Buying patterned duct tape and wrapping chargers, clothing hangers, brushes, and other commonplace items that can be easily mixed up is an attractive and subtle way to remember whose is whose – and keep everything on the right side of the room, too!

Buy a hanging plastic shoe organizer to store snacks or knick-knacks. To keep a steady supply of brain food on hand without worrying about attracting bugs or creating a mess, buy a compartmentalized, clear shoe-storage device (the kind that hangs on a closet door) and keep snacks or items organized by type. You can also use this for any number of small items that tend to quickly accumulate where you least want them; jewelry, gloves, socks, hair products and so on.

Opt for a raised bed. In conjunction with a few plastic storage bins that fit the amount of space underneath, raise your bed six inches or more to double the area you have to work with when it comes to floor space and storing your items. Either purchase a frame specifically designed for the purpose (or one of an increasingly popular model that incorporates a built-in drawer below your mattress), or raise an existing bed frame up by placing each of the legs on a very sturdy block sold specifically for the purpose.

Squeeze in an over-the-door hamper. A floor hamper can take up far too much precious floor territory in a small bedroom, and when you share a space, clothing strewn all over the floor can be a quick route to hostility between roommates. Keep things copacetic with an over-the-door hamper; these spacious cloth bags hook onto the top of a door (whether a closet or entryway) and expand to fill up space that would otherwise go unused.

Pick up a few folding chairs. The more free space you have in a room, the better the ambiance for quiet study time; it can be difficult to settle down to work in a chaotic environment! Folding chairs and stools are readily available in the dorm and sporting sections of department stores, and being able to stash your seats in the closet or under your bed will free up plenty of space to spread out all those notes.

We hope these organizing, de-cluttering and sanity-providing tips will be helpful to you or your young students when school starts this fall. Should your home, room or life be in need of some serious rearranging, let us be your go-to personal organizer in Boston!


Sarah Buckwalter