7 Ways to Make Your Backyard Fun for Summer

7 Ways to Make Your Backyard Fun for Summer
14 Jul 2020

7 Ways to Make Your Backyard Fun for Summer

With summer travel and camp being canceled, many parents are looking for ways to entertain the kids this summer. The good news is that you don’t need to go far to have fun this summer. You can make the most out of being at home by creating a backyard oasis. As professional home organizers in Boston, we help clients with more than organizing. We can help create functional spaces inside and out! Here are 7 ways to make your backyard fun for summer.

Opt for Convenience
Instead of having to go back and forth to the garage, get a small shed or box in the backyard to keep the toys close at hand. This is a great way to keep clutter out of the garage and allow easy access to them.

Seek Shade
If you find yourself avoiding the backyard when it’s too hot out, look for ways to increase shade. Planting a tree is the most natural way to eliminate some sunlight, but you can use umbrellas. This is the best way to guarantee shade over tables and chairs. If you want more coverage, Australian style white sun tarps, can provide a lot of coverage. These can provide shade to the patio, lawn, garden, backyard, swimming pool, driveway, etc. Installation is easy and you can DIY!

Cool it Down
With the summer at its peak, many people will be looking for ways to cool off. Luckily, there are many things that would do the trick! A sprinkler is fun, with many of them attaching right onto your garden hose. You can also attach a slip n slide, which is a great summer afternoon activity.  A kiddy pool is a great option. They come in various sizes and require very little set up. These are perfect for the dog days of summer, and fun for the whole family! There are also many different types of floats to make the pool even more fun and relaxing!

Create a Theater
If you miss going to the movie theater, take advantage of the hot summer weather and set up your own theater right in your backyard! This is a great family activity and will bring you back to those drive-in movie theater days. It can require a little bit of work to set up, but it isn’t difficult with the correct equipment. All you need is a white sheet, a projector, and a sound system. A white sheet will work well if it is spread out with no wrinkles. A plain white wall will also do the trick. You’ll want to prop your projector up on a stool or table and connect the sound to bluetooth audio. If you have a portable speaker, that will work. Add pillows and blankets to give it a nice camping twist. And don’t forget the popcorn!

Light it Up
Looking to brighten up the backyard at night? Add outdoor string lights. These can be hung anywhere, adding light and decoration. You can also wrap these around trees or poles. These lights will make your backyard cozy and welcoming!

Campfire Fun
An easy way to make your backyard more fun is by adding a fire pit. These can be installed in the ground or bought as a freestanding unit with very little set up required. Fire pits are great for family, creating a gathering place and also providing a place to roast S’mores! Toasting marshmallows is fun at any age, and a great way to get some family time.

Organized Activities
Keep the kids busy by planning a scavenger hunt in the backyard. Just hide some of your possessions, and make a list of clues. This will be fun for you to plan and will entertain the kids all day. Be sure to make it challenging.

Another fun family backyard activity is building a time capsule. Get a water-tight container and let the kids create things to put in there. Make sure to include things that represent the time you’re living in now. This can be a letter you write to yourself, a favorite book or small keepsake, anything you want. A time capsule can be particularly relevant now because of the difficult and unique times. This is also a great way for the family to reflect and share memories. Make sure you remember where you bury it and set a date to open it again in the future.

Remember, you don’t have to go far to create lasting summer memories. Use these 7 ways to make your backyard fun for summer and have fun right at home.




Sarah Buckwalter