3 Tips for Organized Packing

3 Tips for Organized Packing
26 Feb 2014

I will admit that packing for a trip is one of my least favorite things to do. A little strange as it seems like it would be one of those things that organized people love to do – well, not this mostly organized person. I think it might be my perfectionist tendencies creeping through – and the fact that I am rarely thrilled with my wardrobe. Packing sometimes seems daunting because it can be hard to get just right – when you end up at your destination with just the right outfits in just the right amount.

I often write about what’s going on in my life, and you guessed it, I’m knee-deep in packing for a trip. Since this is a bit stressful for me, I wanted to share some tips that help keep me focused and get the job done – with minimal stress! So here are my 3 tips for organized packing:

  1. Check the weather! Don’t assume you know what it will be like – check the actual forecast before you start packing. We’re headed to San Diego where it is always beautiful and never rains – except that it’s going to rain cats and dogs most of the time we are going to be there. Raincoat – check.
  2. Lay out your outfits for each day. You can change your mind about what you wear on any given day, but this is the best way to make sure you end up with everything you need to put actual outfits together and don’t end up with tons of extra pieces you didn’t need. Think about what you will be doing each day and whether you’ll need a wardrobe change – morning at the zoo, then dinner out. Also add in a few extra options and layers.
  3. Leave a little room to spare. This is a tough one to accomplish, but try not to be packed to the gills when you leave. For whatever reason, things just don’t seem to go back together quite as well when you are re-packing for your return trip. And of course, you may end up coming home with a few extra things you picked up.


Sarah Buckwalter