10 Tips to Organize Holiday Decorations

10 Tips to Organize Holiday Decorations
12 Nov 2021

10 Tips to Organize Holiday Decorations

organize holiday storageThe holidays are hectic enough without any added disorganization! The last thing you want to do during this busy time is to have to search for things or run around trying to repair things or find last-minute replacements. Our team at Organizing Boston has put together these 10 tips to organize holiday decorations. Get it organized now before the chaos begins. Plus, when the holidays are over, putting everything away will be a snap!

Assess your current situation: Perhaps you’ve always hosted the holidays, but now your kids are grown and hosting them. Maybe you’ve downsized and just don’t have the windows for 12 wreaths anymore. Have a general idea what you need and want to keep before you start the organizing process. This will especially help you when it comes to the decluttering part. Donate anything you don’t want or use anymore to a local charity that helps those in need celebrate the holidays. Holiday decorations are always welcome!

Clear it out: Remove everything from the storage closet or shelves, so that you can start with a blank slate.

Consolidate: If you have holiday items stored all throughout your home, collect them and put them in one place, so you can see everything you have. This also helps with decluttering because you can see it all at once and know if you have 10 extra sets of lights, etc.

Sort: Sort through everything and create categories such as, decorations, wrapping paper, gifts, etc.

Declutter: Get rid of anything you no longer want, need or like. Toss broken items.

Make a list: Is there anything that you need to replace? Broken lights, holiday cards, etc. Make a list so you can replace these items when you shop for containers.

Containerize: Find containers that will hold everything you are keeping and fit in the space where you are storing them. The Container Store has a great selection of holiday organizing containers that will keep your ornaments safe, your wrapping paper organized and your lights untangled. I live the ornament bins and wrapping paper containers that fit everything just right! They also have organizers for lights and garland, so it doesn’t get tangled. Imagine the time you’ll save not having to untangle lights next year!

Here are some of our favorites holiday organizers:
Ornament Storage Box
Cord Wrapper
Card Keeper Box
Elfa Gift Wrap Cart

Store: This is for after the holidays – when the decorations come down. Put everything away in the containers by category and put items back into the storage space.

Label: Label containers and shelves with easy-to-read labels and you won’t have to search for something ever again!

Create a place for everything... Designate a place to store all of your holiday items. When it comes time to get everything out next year, it will be a piece of cake!

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Sarah Buckwalter